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  • We are a fast growing grower and processor of almonds offering competitive compensation package. Add your resume to our database and in case of a suitable match we will contact you shortly.

    We are currently hiring at multiple levels and if you want to explore new opportunities with us please email your resume to Feel free to contact our human resources department for information on additional openings. Send resume with cover letter to Human Resources

  • Development and training in focus

    D.V.Enterprise is focusing a lot on recruitment, employee development, management training and performance measurements. We believe this is important since attracting and retaining people in critical to our success.

    Career development

    We ensure that 'new' employees are heard and developed in stretch assignments.

  • Management training

    Finding innovative solutions to drive and develop the business, stimulating and managing change, are critical skills for managers. It is therefore an important role for the HR-units within D.V.Enterprise to find ways of developing these skills. Our managers provide leadership that ensures that we have the most competent, productive and motivated workforce in the industry.

  • Performance measurements

    It is a fundamental part of our job to ensure that clear and ambitious targets are set, for the unit as well as for every team member. At D.V.Enterprise progress is followed up continuously and fair rewards given for the job performed.